Sen. Smith’s Statement on Governor Evers’ 2021-23 Budget Address

MADISON – This evening, Governor Tony Evers (D) delivered his 2021-2023 Budget Address to the Wisconsin Legislature. Senator Jeff Smith (D – Brunswick) released the following statement in response:

“The Governor’s budget is a tangible plan for Wisconsin to move forward through this pandemic and become stronger than ever. Governor Evers’ budget delivers a vision of Wisconsin where rural Wisconsinites can succeed.

“Governor Evers delivered a bold approach with this budget. It provides immediate relief and long-term support. Governor Evers’ historic $200 million broadband expansion investment is just what we need in rural Wisconsin. His $43 million commitment to bolstering Wisconsin’s agricultural industry is what farmers need right now.

“COVID-19 hit Wisconsin hard. Governor Evers’ budget puts Wisconsin back on track. The $200 million investment in the Badger BounceBack plan offers small businesses the support they need to recover and thrive. The Governor shouldn’t have had to introduce BadgerCare expansion a second time – it’s a no brainer. Hopefully Republicans wake up and understand the benefits of saving taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars while covering more people. Governor Evers’ proposal to fully fund sparsity aid will be crucial for our rural schools.

“The Governor’s budget brings commonsense back to Wisconsin. We don’t have to play catch up with neighboring states anymore. We risk losing all of the Governor’s overwhelmingly popular budget provisions unless we pass nonpartisan redistricting reform. The people need the Governor’s budget. We need a Legislature that is accountable and willing to pass it.”