When Wisconsinites Want Answers, Republicans Give Excuses
Statement regarding the Majority Party’s Inaction during the 2021-22 Session

MADISON – Today marks one month since the beginning of the 2021-22 legislative session. Instead of passing meaningful COVID-19 relief legislation, Senate and Assembly Republicans wasted an entire month – including seven session days – failing Wisconsinites. Republicans have even gone so far as to overturn Wisconsin’s emergency health order and mask order.

Senator Jeff Smith (D – Brunswick) released the following statement:

“It’s been nearly a year and legislative Republicans have delivered more excuses than results for COVID-19 relief. Wisconsinites are literally sick and tired from Republicans’ inaction. These excuses are part of a pathetic effort to cover their behinds at a time when Wisconsinites are depending on their leaders to step up.

“Since the very start of the pandemic Republicans made promises they never intended to keep. Republicans promised to pass additional COVID-19 response legislation, but instead they went on an eight-month vacation. Republicans promised to get to work on day one, but they’ve wasted a month fighting between themselves to remove Wisconsin’s mask protective order. Republicans promised they’d fix Wisconsin’s outdated unemployment insurance system, and yet when Governor Evers called a special session to address this, they refused.

“Republicans act like “know-it-alls” and have a knack at pointing fingers and coming up with excuses. Time to stop the charade. Wisconsinites deserve real answers and a solid plan from the Majority Party to help our state recover.”