Republicans Dismantle Wisconsin’s COVID-19 Response

Sen. Smith’s Statement regarding Legislative Action on Assembly Bill 1

MADISON – Today legislative Republicans dismantled Wisconsin’s COVID-19 response by scrapping COVID-19 response legislation.

During today’s Senate floor period, Republicans flip-flopped their stance by rejecting the “COVID-19 Compromise” and passing hyper-partisan changes in Assembly Bill 1. Earlier this month, on January 12th, the State Senate passed Assembly Bill 1, which included compromise provisions supported by Governor Evers, Senate Republicans and Senate Democrats.

This is a failure on all fronts and proves just how wildly out of touch Republicans are with Wisconsinites,” said Senator Jeff Smith (D – Brunswick). “It’s a damn shame these people are in charge at a time like this. These political stunts need to stop. Jeopardizing our FoodShare relief for a constitutional pissing match is wrong.

“Working people and our elderly have waited 288 days for Republicans to work with the Governor on COVID-19 relief. The glimmer of hope for compromise was dashed today. Their carelessness will keep Wisconsin waiting longer at a time we need urgent action.

“Today, Republicans clearly stated to Wisconsin’s frontline workers and families that compromise is out of the question even during a crisis. Our work is far from over and Republicans need to be reminded of that. Republicans must put ideology aside and do their jobs!”