Sen. Smith’s Statement on Committee Assignments

MADISON – Today, Senate Minority Leader, Janet Bewley (D – Mason), announced committee assignments for the 2021-22 legislative session. Senator Jeff Smith (D – Brunswick) will serve on the following committees beginning in January:

  • Senate Committee on Elections, Election Process Reform & Ethics – Ranking Member
  • Senate Committee on Sporting Heritage, Small Business & Rural Issues – Ranking Member
  • Senate Committee on Agriculture & Tourism
  • Senate Committee on Education
  • Senate Committee on Government Operations, Legal Review & Consumer Protection
  • Senate Committee on Utilities, Technology & Telecommunications

Senator Smith released the following statement in response to the committee assignments announced today:

“A path toward our COVID-19 recovery begins with a productive Legislature and active committees. Wisconsinites are expecting a lot from the State Legislature in the upcoming session after nearly 250 days with no legislative action by Republicans leaders. I hope the new session will create renewed opportunity for Republican committee chairs to hold public hearings on all ideas, regardless of which Party they come from. In doing so, we can move Wisconsin forward together.

“I thank Senator Bewley for her confidence in me as I take on these new Ranking member responsibilities. I’m committed to developing partnerships with my colleagues across the aisle and representing the People of western Wisconsin in these roles.”