Sen. Smith's Statement on Overturning Executive Order #82 and
Emergency Order #1

MADISON – Today, Republicans outlined plans to overturn Governor Tony Evers’ (D) Executive Order #82 to declare a Public Health Emergency and Emergency Order #1 to require face masks in Wisconsin. Senator Jeff Smith (D-Brunswick) offered the following statement:

“It's interesting to see Republicans come out from hiding during a global pandemic to exercise some leadership. However, instead of solving the unemployment crisis or helping schools safely start this fall they are only interested in denying science, allowing more people to die from COVID-19 and prolonging Wisconsin's economic downturn.

“There are hundreds of things Republicans could do right now to help Wisconsin, but they pick the one wrong idea. When politicians tell you they know better than doctors regarding public health emergencies, that’s a clear sign we are in for trouble. Without nonpartisan redistricting and fair maps, we will see right-wing ideology dictate our public health decisions.

“If Republicans overturn the Governor’s executive order, we lose our national guard support for COVID-19 testing. Republicans have repeatedly said ‘no’ while offering no solutions. Citizens should ask why they send Republicans to Madison if they repeatedly offer no leadership during a global pandemic.

“If Republicans overturn the Governor’s executive order, Wisconsin businesses will continue to struggle, workers will face more unemployment and citizens will die unnecessarily because Republicans are more interested in politics than public health.”