Sen. Smith’s Statement on Today’s Supreme Court Ruling

MADISON – Senator Jeff Smith (D – Brunswick) released the following statement regarding today’s Wisconsin Supreme Court decision limiting Governor Tony Evers’ partial veto authority. This decision comes the day after the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled to uphold the lame-duck laws passed by Republicans in 2018. 

“Like a majority of Wisconsinites, we are getting sick and tired of Republicans shirking their responsibilities to serve the public, and instead, find ways to consolidate power using the Supreme Court. Today’s Supreme Court ruling is another clear example of Republicans being more interested in power than the good of the public. Since 2018 when voters chose Governor Evers, Republican leaders have taken every opportunity to stop him from doing what the People sent him here to do. Republicans are more interested in politics than doing what’s right.

“Until Republicans put aside their partisan squabbling and take action, the People will be left with an unchecked public health pandemic and no answers for our unemployment crisis. During this unprecedented time in our state’s history, differences must be set aside for the good of our state.”