Sen. Smith's Statement on Two-Week Early Voting Limit Decision 

MADISON – Yesterday evening, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the decision to restrict early, in-person voting for Wisconsin elections. In response to this decision, Senator Jeff Smith shared the following statement:

“Voting is a right and should be accessible for all U.S. citizens, plain and simple. The decision made by the Federal Appeals Court defies the responsibility of our government to provide free and fair elections.

“Back in April, we saw the outcome when politics were put ahead the health of Wisconsinites. Wisconsin residents stood in long lines for hours just so they could cast their ballot. Alarmingly, the court finally made this decision three years after first hearing this case, with only months before a presidential election and during a global pandemic.

“Manipulating maps and restricting voting rights is the only way Republicans can win elections nowadays. It’s no surprise they are lauding the court’s decision to limit early absentee voting. We must continue working to ensure all citizens’ voices are heard and for elections to be conducted in the easiest and fairest way.”