Smith’s Statement in response to the Committee on Labor and Regulatory Reform Informational Hearing

MADISON – Today the Senate Committee on Labor and Regulatory Reform held an informational hearing in response to unemployment insurance challenges impacting Wisconsinites, perpetuated by the COVID-19 global pandemic, antiquated systems within the Department of Workforce Development and restrictive laws passed by Republicans throughout the last decade making it more difficult for Wisconsinites to receive unemployment assistance.

"Today’s informational hearing was another unproductive opportunity for Republicans to point fingers and deny their decade-long role in making it more difficult to help Wisconsinites,” said Senator Jeff Smith (D – Brunswick). “Their goal to dish out blame to Governor Evers backfired showing how their years of inaction has come back to bite them and affect millions of people struggling through this crisis.

“I hope Republicans realize the consequences of what years of bad policymaking can do for our state and find a way to redeem themselves. Instead of playing the blame game, Republicans should convene an extraordinary session and repeal the nonsense they've created. I’m available to help Wisconsin move forward by any means necessary; I just hope Republicans are willing to do the same.”