Sen. Smith's Statement Regarding the Introduction of the "Better Broadband" Bill Package

MADISON – Today, Senator Smith (D-Brunswick) introduced six bills aimed at improving broadband expansion in Wisconsin.

Senator Smith’s bills address the inaccuracies of Wisconsin’s current service maps, invests $100 million total for broadband expansion grants, improves the Public Service Commission’s program, helps municipalities create broadband networks and protects consumers who are sold services that lack advertised speeds.

“Wisconsin is woefully behind other states for expanding broadband service. At almost every event I attend, the constituents I talk to feel shortchanged by companies promising internet service and failing to provide broadband speeds. We must improve our program and invest if rural communities are going to join the digital age.

“We are investing more public money than ever thanks to Governor Tony Evers’ leadership. It should force us to take a hard look at how we leverage public resources for private companies to expand service into rural areas.” 

For more information about the bills, please reference the information attached to this email.