Sen. Smith’s Statement regarding Republican’s Rejection of critical Amendments

MADISON – During today’s Senate floor session, Republicans failed to carry out substantive changes to some of the most pressing issues facing Wisconsinites. Republicans rejected amendments introduced by Democrats to close the “Dark Store” loophole, prevent further PFAS contamination and provide additional resources for Wisconsin residents facing homelessness.

The amendments were all based off legislation already introduced by Democrats this session. However, Republicans have refused to include these critical legislative proposals on the agenda for a vote. 

“Once again, Republicans have offered the bare minimum,” said Sen. Jeff Smith (D – Brunswick). “We can no longer delay solutions to restore tax fairness for homeowners, protect our water from harmful PFAS chemicals and provide resources to Wisconsinites experiencing homelessness. These issues demand our full and undivided attention.

“Democrats are here, ready for Republicans to step up. With the little time remaining this session, Republicans need to come prepared to make the decisions they were elected to make and uphold their duty to represent the interests of all Wisconsinites.”