Legislators Request Public Hearing for Non-Partisan Redistricting Reform Legislation

MADISON – Senator Jeff Smith, a member of the Senate Committee on Government Operations, Technology and Consumer Protections, along with bill co-sponsors, sent a letter to Committee Chair Senator Duey Stroebel, requesting a public hearing on Senate Bill 288.

Senate Bill 288 would create a fair process for non-partisan redistricting reform by establishing a non-partisan redistricting commission. Under the commission, the non-partisan agency, the Legislative Reference Bureau, would be responsible for re-drawing Wisconsin’s legislative districts. Under current law, state legislators are accountable to re-draw legislative districts every ten years, which leads to districts redrawn for political advantage.

Non-partisan redistricting reform has support from 72% of Wisconsinites. Additionally, county boards in 46 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties have already passed similar resolutions to adopt non-partisan redistricting practices.

“In 2009, as the Chair of the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections, I held a public hearing on similar legislation to establish a process for non-partisan redistricting reform,” said Sen. Smith. “A public hearing was necessary then and is still needed now to hear from Wisconsin voters and ensure Wisconsin has fair maps for future redistricting efforts.”