Weekly Democratic Radio Address:
Preserving Wisconsin’s Hunting Heritage

MADISON, WI – Senator Jeff Smith (D – Brunswick) offered the Democratic weekly radio address on Chronic Wasting Disease.
The audio file of this week’s address can be found here: 

A written transcript of the address is below: 
“Hello, I’m State Senator Jeff Smith with this week’s weekly radio address.

“Next Saturday, November 23rd, hunters will head out for the opening of gun hunting season. Deer hunting is more than just a season in Wisconsin – it’s vital to our tourism industry, rural economy and our state’s heritage. You can do your part to preserve Wisconsin’s hunting tradition by testing your deer to stop the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease.

“CWD is always fatal. With the help of hunters, we can stop the spread of CWD. Hunters must test their deer. You can do this for free at one of the DNR’s easily accessible kiosks. This helps scientists understand infection rates and where the disease has spread. Hunters must also properly dispose of deer carcasses at DNR-designated dumpsters to avoid the risk of CWD spreading further.

“After eight years of Republican inaction, Democrats are prioritizing CWD eradication. I proudly introduced legislation with my Democratic colleagues to invest in CWD research and fund CWD kiosks and carcass disposal sites.

“The future of Wisconsin’s hunting-related tourism, public health and rural economy depends on the action we take today. Don’t fear learning if your deer was infected. Fear the future loss of our hunting heritage altogether.”