Sen. Smith Statement Regarding Governor Evers' Budget Action

MADISON, WI – Today, Governor Tony Evers vetoed 78 items from the 2019-21 biennial state budget as he signed Assembly Bill 56 into law as Wisconsin Act 9.

Senator Jeff Smith (D-Brunswick) released the following statement regarding the Governor’s actions:

“Governor Evers introduced a budget reflecting the people’s needs in all corners of the state. Wisconsinites advocated for Medicaid expansion, increased investments to our K-12 schools and sustainable transportation solutions. However, the Republican-led Legislature passed a bill that fell far short from what the people need.

“Governor Evers did what the voters elected him to do last fall by shielding the people with his veto pen. Protecting clean water, providing an additional $90 million for our students and preserving local control were the most notable gains.

“Forcing people to come back to Republicans for supplemental funding is wrong and unnecessary – the people shouldn’t have to kiss the ring for clean water, telehealth resources or substance abuse funding.

“This should be a wakeup call for Republicans – there’s still time for them to set aside their partisanship and work for the people.”

The 31st Senate District includes all of Buffalo and Pepin counties and portions of Trempealeau, Pierce, Dunn, Eau Claire, Chippewa and Jackson counties and very small portions of Chippewa and St. Croix counties.

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