Statement Regarding Bill Introduction to Expedite Conservation Congress Actions

MADISON – Today Senator Jeff Smith (D-Brunswick) and Representative Mark Spreitzer (D-Beloit) introduced a bill to expedite the rule-making process for Conservation Congress actions taken at the annual meetings during the month of April. Sen. Smith and Rep. Spreitzer issued the following joint statement:

“Hunters, anglers and other outdoor enthusiasts need to play a part in the management of our natural resources. For the last eight years, the voices of conservationists across the state have been limited. This bill simply corrects a process that worked in Wisconsin since 1934 up until the law was changed in 2011.

“Every county’s Conservation Congress annual meeting provides citizens the opportunity to directly shape natural resources policy and to meet other conservationists in their communities. The coalitions built through Conservation Congress meetings foster stronger relationships between sportsmen across Wisconsin and better policies enacted by our state government.”