Statement Regarding the Middle Class Tax Cut MADISON – Tonight the Wisconsin State Senate approved the Republican’s spending plan (Assembly Bill 4) Senator Smith (D-Brunswick) offered the following statement: “Governor Tony Evers’ middle class tax cut...
Part Two: Water is Prosperity Last week I wrote about how water is life. This week I hope to show how important water is for all of us to not only survive, but also to thrive.
Sen. Smith Introduces Voter Protection Act as His First Bill The Voter Protection Act was first introduced by Senator Jeff Smith during his second term as a State Representative in 2009. After leaving the legislature in 2010, Smith returned as the 31st District State Senator and vowed to reintroduce the Voter Protection Act as his first bill.
Part One: Water is Life We take a lot of things for granted in life. Our car will always start, our dogs will always love us and the water we drink will always be clean. Like all these assumptions, nothing is guaranteed. Much...
Walk the Talk for Bipartisanship I’ve said it. Governor Evers said it. Republican leaders said it - “We need to work together.”
Statement Regarding Gov. Evers’ First State of the State Address “Governor Evers’ message of unity is a far cry from the divide and conquer politics that have become too common in politics today. I’m hopeful the Governor’s invitation to work together will be heard by Republican leaders in the Legislature...
Rushing to Fix One Part While Destroying the Whole Remember the high-gloss campaign mailings? The non-stop TV and radio campaign ads from last year about protecting people with pre-existing conditions? I bet you heard more than you ever wanted about pre-existing conditions, right? Well...
Senator Smith Announces New Staff, Social Media Sites and Website “My staff is here to serve citizens of the 31st Senate District by answering questions about state government, helping constituents navigate all the different programs and services and, most of all, they are here to listen and help citizens play an important role in the governing process..."
Marsy’s Law: Do It Quick or Do It Right? Our first week of the legislative session is off to a fast start. It appears my first legislative vote will be changing our State Constitution with a resolution called, “Marsy’s Law.”
Committees, Collaboration and Compromise Senate committees aren’t exactly the hottest topic to write about in state government, but it’s incredibly important for our work as legislators. Most Senate committee names seem like someone pulled the topics out of a hat and randomly strung them together to create a committee.
Statement Regarding Senator Jeff Smith’s Swearing-in “I feel humbled and honored to represent our Western Wisconsin values in the State Senate. There is much work to be done, but together, we can make our state a great place to live, work and raise a family..."
Divided, but Not Broken Government As I traversed western Wisconsin last year campaigning to be the new 31st District State Senator, it was clear we’ve been fortunate to have Kathleen Vinehout serve as our Senator for the last twelve years.