2024 Legislative Survey

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Wisconsin’s Tax Burden

Vetoed Tax Relief

With a state surplus of more than $3 billion, and a Rainy Day fund of $1.8 Billion, Legislative Republicans recently passed four tax cuts to return a portion of the surplus to taxpayers. While a credit to save parents an average of $656 on childcare costs was signed into law, tax cuts for retirees, the middle class, and married couples were vetoed.

Legislative Priorities

PFAS Pollution / Forever Chemicals

My PFAS relief bill (Senate Bill 312) recently passed the legislature. If signed into law, the bill would get needed relief to communities dealing with PFAS contamination and protect innocent victims of PFAS pollution. Governor Evers has threatened to veto this legislation due to a provision that removed DNR’s ability to force these victims to pay for clean-up costs of pollution they didn’t cause.

On Your Ballot: Banning Private Money in Election Administration

In previous elections out-of-state billionaires were using private grant money to control how elections in cities like Green Bay were run, I authored a constitutional amendment to ban the use of private money in election administration. The amendment was approved by the state legislature and will now be on your April ballot for a statewide vote.

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