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JFC Republicans Continue Partisan Games and Political Power Plays in Preventing Attorney General from Doing His Job


MADISON, WI - Today, in the latest shenanigans of the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) Republicans and Republican leadership, the Co-Chairs of the JFC released a statement claiming they have appointed counsel to represent the Committee. They claim this counsel has authority to sign confidentiality agreements on behalf of committee members. Prior to their press release, none of the four democratic members of the JFC were aware of or consented to this representation.  

These actions follow JFC Republicans’ refusal on Tuesday to join Democrats in allowing Attorney General Josh Kaul to settle a complex litigation with significant consequences for our state. No other state requires an Attorney General to seek legislative approval of most settlements, but Republicans engaged in an unprecedented abuse of power in December to take away essential powers of both the Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul and Governor Tony Evers.

In response to the Republican Co-Chairs’ latest political game playing, the Democratic members of the Committee released the following statements:

“This is just more political game playing by Republican legislators, who are intent in harming our state and prioritizing their lame duck law over anything else. The laws, passed last December in a lame duck session, were an unprecedented abuse of power, designed to circumvent our newly elected Attorney General and Governor. There is a real simple way to resolve this issue: let the Attorney General do his job.

When Republicans passed this lame duck law in December they didn’t know nor did they care about the ramifications of their power hungry legislation. They now know what Democrats have known all along… it doesn’t work, yet they are still doubling down in defense of something that is indefensible. This law should be repealed and the Attorney General, who was elected by the people of this state, should be able to do his job.”