MADISON – Today, Wisconsin State Senators Jon Erpenbach (D – Middleton) and LaTonya Johnson (D – Milwaukee) – the Democratic members on the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services – released the following statement regarding Governor Walker’s official plea to the Trump Administration to make life-altering changes to healthcare for lower-income Wisconsinites:

“Democrats have shown that there are far more effective ways to spend state money that would actually help increase access to health insurance coverage and substance abuse treatment, and create family-supporting jobs. It’s time for Governor Walker to stop governing by Trump rhetoric and actually do something for working families in Wisconsin,” said Sen. Erpenbach.

Walker’s pitch to the Trump Administration would make Wisconsin become the first state in the country to drug test applicants for Medicaid. It would also hike health care costs for individuals, includes new restrictions for work requirements, and cuts off access to care if an individual is unable to find employment.

“It is sickening to see Gov. Walker working with Donald Trump to make Wisconsin a national leader in cruel, unnecessary, and damaging policies for some of our most vulnerable populations,” said Sen. Johnson. “While Walker and Trump callously team up to give hand-outs to the wealthy and well-connected at the expense of Wisconsin families in need, I will fight for access to affordable health care for all Wisconsinites and the opportunities that come with being able to live a healthy life.”