Erpenbach 2017-2018 Legislative Session Committee Appointments Announced

Madison - Senator Jon Erpenbach has been appointed to committee posts in the Senate for the 2017-2018 Legislative Session. He has been appointed to the Senate Health & Human Services Committee, Sporting Heritage, Mining & Forestry, and Workforce Development Committee, Military Affairs & Senior Issues Committee; additionally he has been reappointed to Joint Finance Committee and Joint Retirement Systems Committee.  The Joint Committee on Finance is the Legislative budget committee and will meet over the next seven months to set the state budget for the 2017-2019.

“I am proud to serve in the Senate and am happy to be reappointed to the Joint Committee on Finance. Being the voice of the Democratic vision for a state budget that puts Wisconsin’s working families first is important. The Republican agenda of deep cuts public schools favoring instead private schools with no measures of accountability, tax breaks that gave 11 millionaires over $21 million in tax cuts this year alone, and a continued credit card financing of roads rather than a long term funding solution needs an opposition. We can balance the budget for the state of Wisconsin without hurting the people that live here. We can build our economy and the pocket books of our middle class. It is all about priorities. Wisconsin Democrats have a vision for this state and I look forward to presenting it during the budget process as a member of the Joint Committee on Finance.”