Republicans chose to Increase Penalties Instead of Educational Opportunities Wisconsin’s criminal justice system has some of the worst racial disparities in the country. Years of Republican budget cuts and prisons exceeding capacity have created more dangerous situations for correctional officers, inmates, and communities.
Voucher Programs are a Costly Detriment to Wisconsin This spring 50 school districts will go to referendum, with 29 seeking $915 million in operating costs alone.
It’s Time to Stand Up for our Agricultural and Rural Communities Wisconsin depends on our farmers, so this crisis is not their burden to carry alone. It is the food that comes to our tables, the farmer’s markets that bring people together, the businesses that depend on access to locally grown food, and the communities that keep our state afloat.
Senator Erpenbach Applauds Governor Evers’ Accomplishments and Vision for Wisconsin overnor Evers was able to deliver on promises and move the needle on many of the issues that Wisconsinites care about by raising the bar for what Wisconsinites deserve. From cutting taxes for middle-class families, to investing in education, to making improvements to our infrastructure...


Homeless Wisconsinites Left out in the Cold by GOP This legislation passed unanimously in both Senate and Assembly committees and before the full Assembly, but despite Democratic effort, Republicans blocked the bills in the Senate, and adjourned until January 2020.
Legislature comes together to honor Staff Sergeant Daniel D. Busch Staff Sergeant Daniel D. Busch is a hero to both Senator Erpenbach and Representative Considine, the community, and our country. On Tuesday, November 19, they joined the family of SSG Daniel D. Busch for the bill signing of AB 77 at Portage High School.
Everyone in Wisconsin Deserves Clean Drinking Water Many of our communities face challenges that threaten their health and safety due to polluted drinking water. That’s why Democrats are committed to strengthening clean water protections and addressing this public health crisis.
Legislative Democrats Roll Out Their Priorities: Forward Together Recently, Legislative Democrats unveiled a list of priorities that are reflective of the voices and priorities of Wisconsinites – “Forward Together.”
Wisconsin schools put students first, Legislature should do the same Under Governor Tony Evers’ leadership, Republicans agreed to make a down payment on the People’s Budget and increase funding for our schools.
Taxpayers Bear the Costs of Unaccountable Choice Programs In my district, the Baraboo School Board made their voices heard. They asked for the state to be transparent when it comes to choice school programs, and to let taxpayers know how their money is being diverted.