Press Release Archive



Date Released Title
12/12/2016 Letter to the Group Insurance Board
9/20/2016 Action Needed Now for King Residents
9/14/2016 Illegal Coordination Highlighted in Guardian story
9/6/2016 Erpenbach Vows to Again Seek Legislative Accountability for Veterans Budget
8/29/2016 Veteran’s Nursing Homes Should Not Be Shortchanged
6/10/2016 Statement on Wisconsin Department of Health Services withdraw of FamilyCare 2.0 Concept Paper from Joint Committee on Finance
6/8/2016 UW Operational Budget to Get Board Vote: Lowest State Support Reflects Republican Cuts
5/23/2016 Local Veteran to Veteran Counseling at Risk Again at the Hands of DVA
2/16/2016 JFC Dems Decry Lack of Public Input Into FamilyCare 2.0
1/26/2016 Proposal to Transform Delivery of Local Veterans Services a Bad Idea
1/6/2016 Erpenbach Calls for Corrections Reforms Immediately


Date Released Title
12/17/2015 Senate Scholar Program Now Accepting Applications
12/15/2015 Walker Policy to Cost WI Taxpayers $1.07 Billion in Next Six Years
11/19/2015 Patients Reproductive Health Care Act Announced
11/7/2015 Statement on passage of dismantling of GAB and campaign finance deform bills
11/4/2015 Statement on the closing of Oscar Mayer in Madison
10/29/2015 Sen. Erpenbach And Rep. Hintz Unveil Bill Targeting Mental Health Gap For Veterans Most In Need
10/21/2015 Statement on Republican John Doe bill in the Senate
10/13/2015 Statement on vote in Senate Health and Human Services committee affecting biomedical research
10/2/2015 Statement on the death of constituent and change agent for working families Marty Beil
9/22/2015 Statement on Health and Human Services Committee Meeting
8/18/2015 Erpenbach reacts to Governor Walker plan to repeal health care coverage for 16 million Americans, 200,000 from Wisconsin
7/7/2015 Statement on the passage of the 2015-2017 Wisconsin State Budget in the Senate
7/3/2015 Joint Committee on Finance final motion, the “999” motion
7/3/2015 Statement on open records changes included in final JFC budget motion
6/25/2015 Statement on decision of the Supreme Court of the Unites States on the legality of tax credits to low income households enrolled in the Affordable Care Act
6/18/2015 Statement on Governor Walker’s continued absence and the resulting infighting between Legislative Republicans
6/16/2015 As Crisis Budget Deepens, Republicans Unable to Govern
6/9/2015 Statement on the passage of Senate Bill 179 – Abortion Ban
6/4/2015 Statement on Senate Health and Human Services Committee Abortion Ban Vote
6/3/2015 Statement on SB 179/AB 237 Abortion Ban
5/27/2015 Erpenbach to GOP –Anything Less Than Removal is a Failure
5/22/2015 Dismantling K-12 Education in Wisconsin
5/21/2015 JFC DEMS: Republicans Make $360 Million Mistake
5/19/2015 Statement on Republican’s 29 page education omnibus motion
5/14/2015 Erpenbach Motion to Require Audit of DOA Info Tech Funds
5/5/2015 Erpenbach Motion in Finance to Support WI Cancer Reporting System
5/5/2015 Statement on passage of his amendment in Joint Committee on Finance to increase District Attorney’s positions in Pepin and Buffalo County to full time which passed the Joint Committee on Finance today
4/29/2015 Erpenbach bill to prohibit DOC from setting costly overtime policies
3/13/2015 Excerpts from Democratic members of Joint Committee on Finance letters to Department of Administration, Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority, Department of Transportation and Governor Walker
3/4/2015 Day Three of GOP Budget Crisis Briefings
3/4/2015 Erpenbach Questions $345 Million in Giveaway of Fed Funds
3/3/2015 Day Two of GOP Budget Crisis Briefings
3/2/2015 Agency testimony begins on Gov. Walker’s $2.2 billion deficit plan
3/2/2015 Insufficient Staffing and Forced Overtime at Correctional Institutions
2/18/2015 Democrats call for more public hearings on budget
2/3/2015 Statement on Governor Walker budget
1/16/2015 2015 Budget Listening Sessions Announced
1/5/2015 2014 News
1/5/2015 Erpenbach Sworn in as State Senator


Date Released Title
12/30/2014 Senator Erpenbach Offers End of Year Senate Democratic Radio Message
9/9/2014 Statement on the $1.8 billion structural deficit
8/18/2014 Gov. Walker’s health care scheme costs taxpayers nearly $100 million more than previously estimated
8/6/2014 Statement regarding Wisconsin Grants Waitlists for UW System and Wisconsin Technical Colleges Students
4/9/2014 Statement on Appeals Decision in MacIver Lawsuit
3/18/2014 Statement on Speaker Voss stall on Cancer Patient Treatment Act and Lack of Position from Governor Walker


Date Released Title
11/14/2013 Statement on Special Session to Fix Walker Medicaid Mistake
10/3/2013 Medical cannabis bill gives patients hope
10/2/2013 DNR responses to questions on the cleanup and master planning efforts for Sauk Prairie Recreation Area
9/23/2013 REMINDER: Information Meeting on Affordable Care Act Health Marketplace TONIGHT!
9/13/2013 Statement on Defense of Senator Vukmir in open records lawsuit
9/6/2013 Informational Meetings Scheduled on New Affordable Care Act Changes in Wisconsin
7/10/2013 Erpenbach and Clark Seek Reversal of Dam Decision for Prairie Power Plant
6/26/2013 51 State Lawmakers Urge Gov. Walker to Use Veto to Fully Expand Medicaid
6/20/2013 Statement on the state budget
6/13/2013 Erpenbach to Walker: Reappoint Student Regent, Burn “Black List”
6/11/2013 Statement on Senate Bill 206 mandatory ultrasound for all women seeking legal abortion
4/15/2013 Statement on decision in MacIver Institute v. Jon Erpenbach
3/12/2013 4th District Court of Appeals Ruling Shows Need to Revisit Collective Bargaining Laws
2/13/2013 Statement from Rep. Richards and Sen. Erpenbach on Gov. Walker’s Decision to Reject Federal Funding to Close Gap in BadgerCare
2/13/2013 Statement on the Families USA Report
2/5/2013 Plan to Strengthen BadgerCare Unveiled at State Capitol