On Last Day of Budget Deliberations, JFC Democrats Lament Missed Opportunities GOP Continues to ignore the will of Wisconsin voters
Weekly Democratic Radio Address: Wisconsinites Deserve the People’s Budget Senator Jon Erpenbach offered the Democratic weekly radio address on the Joint Committee on Finance concluding budget deliberations today.
A day after gutting health care programs around the state, GOP criminalizes reproductive care Today, the Wisconsin Senate is adding itself to a disconcerting list of states that are trying to control people’s access to reproductive care.
Republicans Demonstrate Fiscal Irresponsibility on State Budget JFC Republicans willing to double tax their constituents in the name of politics
GOP Throws Manure on Governor Evers’ Clean Water Initiatives Republican Politicians scrap CAFO oversight and ignore growing water crisis in Wisconsin.
Democrats Push Back Against Republican Plan to Underfund Schools The Joint Committee on Finance (JFC) is holding an executive session today on K12 education in the budget.
After Historic Republican Cuts, Democrats Propose Fully Funding Education Tomorrow the Joint Committee on Finance (JFC) will meet to take up one of the most important issues for Wisconsin families: education.
JFC Democrats Highlight Years of Damage to Wisconsin Prison System Today, Democrats on the Joint Finance Committee fought to improve the conditions and wages for workers at our correctional institutions in Wisconsin.
Public Hearing Held to Honor Wisconsin Hero, Staff Sergeant Daniel D. Busch Today I am honored to share the story of a Wisconsin hero, Staff Sergeant Daniel D. Busch.
Republicans Continue to Dismantle the ‘People’s Budget’ Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee continue to dismantle the People’s Budget and block serious discussions on issues that Wisconsinites care about.