Wisconsin is Ready for Medical Marijuana Over a decade ago, I was introduced to a woman named Jacki Rickert. She wasn’t the first person to come into my office advocating for the legalization of medical marijuana, that was Gary Storck, but she made a lasting impression.
The GOP Spending Bill Hurts Wisconsin Governor Evers campaigned on a fiscally responsible plan to cut taxes for middle-class families by 10%. Not only would his plan reach around 63% of filers, but it would be fully funded within the State’s budget.


Main Street, Not Wall Street: The Fight for Net Neutrality Next week, Democrats in Congress intend to force a vote on restoring Net Neutrality rules following the repeal by the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) late last year...
Economy Challenging for Most of Wisconsin ...the divide between the economy of booming counties and struggling counties continues to grow...
Time to Work Smarter As We Fight Veteran Suicide The reality that those who have served us risking life and limb struggle to point of taking their own lives is a failure of our nation...


Trickle Down Policies For most of us, Washington DC and the politics of President Donald Trump and a Republican Congress seem a million miles away. But the reality is that our lives, and the lives of those we love, are impacted by the Federal government and decisions made in Washington DC every single day...
A Mom’s Reminder: Still More to do in Opioid Crisis This week two amazing advocates and grieving mothers, Bonnie and Bev, brought Faces of Addiction and Hope a story quilt to the State Capitol during our last session day of the year. It was a stark reminder we still have more work to do in the opioid crisis.
ACA Healthcare Marketplace Helps More People in WI than Ever: Sign Up Now! Republicans in Washington DC have worked really hard to confuse their constituents about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and health care consumer options. Cutting the outreach budget and even shortening the enrollment period to make it more difficult for people to understand their rights and responsibilities is really attempted political sabotage. But in Wisconsin people are smarter than that...
Funding Elections Commission Staff Ensures Secure and Efficient Elections To make our elections run securely and accurately, we need to repair the damage to the Wisconsin Elections Commission caused by Governor Walker’s veto last month, which removed five necessary staff from the Commission.
Possible Failure for a Successful Program: Historic Tax Credits In my opinion the Historic Tax Credit is the most successful rural and small town economic development program administered by Governor Walker’s Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC). As the Legislature considers venturing into the great unknown on high tech manufacturing with checks from our taxpayers for 15 years, that same Republican majority is planning to cap the Historic Tax Credit program.