On Wednesday the Senate was in session, and voted, along party lines, to pass both the Black History Month Resolution and the GOP Spending Bill. I joined all of my Democratic colleagues in voting “no” on each measure.

The Republicans decided to pass a censored Black History Month Resolution, that was not approved by the Black Caucus. The amended resolution dictated who the Black Caucus was allowed to celebrate. This put Wisconsin in the spotlight, gaining national attention, due to the blatant racism that was being displayed in our state. While nearly every Democratic Senator stood to speak against the GOP's actions, not a single Republican defended their stance. 

However, that changed when the GOP Spending bill came up for a vote. Republicans spoke in favor of their irresponsible legislation, and made outlandish statements on how it would be good for our economy. The bill is now being sent to the Governor's desk, where it will likely get vetoed. 

We are only a couple weeks away from Governor Evers introducing his budget, and I am looking forward to continuing to fight for what I believe is best for my district. 

Jon Erpenbach
Wisconsin State Senate, District 27




Statement on the GOP Spending Bill 

This week the senate voted, along party lines, to pass the Republican’s irresponsible spending bill. This bill is nothing more than a political stunt aimed at hindering Governor Evers’ ability to improve Wisconsin for all, and it has led Republicans to vote for a bill that they know they cannot fund. The Republican spending plan will end up costing taxpayers more in the long-run, in order for Republicans to keep in place tax handouts to millionaires. I am disappointed to see their refusal to collaborate, and instead put their corporate donors first.

The voters of the state sent a clear message in November that they want more investments in schools, health care and infrastructure, and by spending down Wisconsin’s general fund (GPR), the GOP would be hindering the Governor’s ability to deliver on those needs.

Making substantial spending decisions prior to the budget being introduced is reckless and irresponsible. We will have months of discussions and decision making once Governor Evers introduces his proposal in a couple weeks, and Wisconsinites deserve a sustainable tax relief plan. We need to put money back in the pockets of the middle-class, while creating opportunities and growing our communities. It is possible to give the middle-class a tax cut, and make needed investments in our state. It is time that we stop playing politics, and reach across the aisle on real, smart solutions that work for all.

Read more here: The GOP Spending Bill Hurts Wisconsin.pdf





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Senator Erpenbach Congratulates Senate Scholar, Mady Grulke!

Mady Grulke successfully completed the 2019 Senate Scholar Program.  In the program, high school juniors and seniors from around the State of Wisconsin participated in a week-long, intensive program at the State Capitol.

While in the program, Mady was introduced to many facets of the legislative process.  She met with legislative support agencies, legislative staff, the Governor’s staff, a Supreme Court Justice, the media, lobbyists and University of Wisconsin-Madison faculty members.  Mady then put their knowledge into action.  When the Senate was on the floor, she staffed the session under the direction of the Senate Sergeant at Arms’ office.  The week’s events culminated in a Senate Scholar committee hearing on a bill that she helped draft. 



Community Programs and Announcements 

Updates from DATCP - Applications for the 2019 Buy Local, Buy Wisconsin producer and processor grants are now available:

"Farmers and businesses involved in Wisconsin’s food industry who are seeking to grow their local markets are encouraged to apply for 2019 Buy Local, Buy Wisconsin producer and processor grants.

Managed by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP), the grants can help farms and business more efficiently produce, process, market and distribute food in local markets including stores, schools and institutions.

Proposals must be received by DATCP by noon, March 20, 2019. Necessary documents are available online at 

Anyone with questions about the application process can contact BLBW program manager Kietra Olson at 608-224-5112 or"



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