Risser Statement on Walker - GOP Civil Service Elimination Repealing Wisconsin’s civil service program and protections and returning Wisconsin to a system of political patronage, corruption and cronyism will further erode Wisconsin’s reputation for clean government
Risser Bills Would End Hunting and Trapping in State Parks State Senator Fred Risser (D-Madison) proposed two bills today which would reverse legislation passed in the 2011-2013 session that permitted hunting and trapping in state parks.
Animal Abuse Reporting Rules Would Expand Under Risser Bill The mistreatment of animals is a serious crime and is one which we can better address with the help of veterinarians. They are invaluable in identifying and protecting animals who have been subject to cruel treatment.
Senator Fred Risser Statement on the 20 Week Abortion Ban This is yet another example of our Republican majority having the audacity to decide for women what they should do with their own bodies. It is not the business of the Legislature to make these intimate and often very difficult decisions for women.
GOP’s Misplaced Priorities Clear in Buck’s Arena Deal At a time when Walker and legislative Republicans are gutting the state’s public education system, it is offensive to propose using taxpayer funds to help build a new arena in Milwaukee for millionaire basketball players.