Bill would restore collective bargaining rights Senator Fred Risser, and Reps. Chris Taylor and Dianne Hesselbein announced today they will introduce a bill to reinstate the collective bargaining rights Governor Walker and legislative Republicans stripped from public workers last legislative session.
Senate Bill Will Accelerate License Renewal Periods for Older Drivers State Senators Fred Risser (D-Madison) and John Lehman (D-Racine) are proposing legislation that would require drivers 75 years of age and older to renew their driver’s license every four years.
State Senator Fred Risser Proposes Legislation to Ban Sex-Orientation Therapy of Minors “... This is not therapy but a scam,” Risser said. “Gay conversion therapy promotes stigmas and prejudice. This practice is unacceptable and should be forbidden.”
Risser Statement on Tea Party GOP Attack on State Supreme Court This is just another power grab by the Tea Party Republicans who are determined, with almost totalitarian obsession, to achieve their means and take over the court
Risser Bill Would Prohibit Use of Dogs in Wolf Hunt This week marked the start of Wisconsin’s wolf hunting season. Wisconsin is the only state in the country that allows wolves to be hunted with dogs. My bill (SB 93) would prohibit the use of dogs in wolf hunting altogether.
Bill limits governor's picks for student regents Sen. Fred Risser wants to force the governor to choose the two student regents, from a list of nominees supplied by each UW campus. Right now, the governor doesn't have to review those potential candidates.
Taylor and Risser call for calm, ask for meeting We all want the Capitol rotunda to be accessible to all while serving as a public forum for the exercise of constitutionally protected speech. We hope we can all agree that steps need to be taken to deescalate this situation.
Risser - GOP Budget a Disaster “Budget bills are more than just numbers; they should represent the priorities we have as a state. This budget does not reflect Wisconsin’s ideals.”
Risser Statement on GOP Abuse of Power; Silencing Women’s Voices I have never experienced the abuse of power by the majority party that I experienced today. The arrogance shown by the Republican Majority today is unprecedented.
Risser Statement on Cruel GOP Forced Ultrasound Bill State Senator Fred Risser (D-Madison) said today that mandatory ultrasound legislation proposed by the Senate Republican Majority is an unconscionable intrusion into women’s medical care.
Statement on Voter ID Decision ... I am gravely disappointed the Court of Appeals has, by this decision, supported the Republicans’ continued efforts to disenfranchise voters.
Senate Bill Will Accelerate License Renewal Periods for Older Drivers State Senators Fred Risser (D-Madison) and John Lehman (D-Racine) are proposing legislation that would require drivers 75 years of age and older to renew their driver’s license every four years.
Risser Statement on JFC Action on Sale of State Property State Senator Fred Risser said today that the action taken by the Republican-controlled Joint Finance Committee to allow the Governor to enter into no-bid sales of state power plants, prisons and UW buildings reeks of dictatorial politics.
Risser Bill Will Require Veterinarians to Report Animal Abuse State Senator Fred Risser (D-Madison) is proposing legislation that would require veterinarians to report cases of animal abuse to law enforcement or to a humane officer.
Risser Earth Day Statement 43 years ago today, Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson orchestrated the first Earth Day event. Earth Day was created to raise awareness of environmental issues and take action to care for our planet.
Statement on UW System Surplus The Legislative Fiscal Bureau report that the UW System ended FY 2012 with a $650 million balance, $414 million of which is from tuition payments, is troublesome and I want to find out more about it
Risser Promotes Greater Access to Voting “Voting is a constitutional right of all citizens. All voters who are eligible should be able to do so without undue difficulty,” stated Risser.
Risser Bill Will Require Publishing Delinquent Taxpayer Information in State Newspaper (MADISON)—State Senator Fred Risser (D-Madison) is proposing legislation that would require the state’s delinquent taxpayer information be published in the state newspaper every quarter.
RISSER INTRODUCES LEGISLATION TO INCREASE WISCONSIN’S RENEWABLE ENERGY GOALS Senator Fred Risser (D-Madison) has introduced legislation to increase renewable energy goals for state agencies and consumers throughout Wisconsin.
RISSER PROPOSAL WILL PROHIBIT FIREARMS IN CAPITOL “In an effort to address the patchwork of regulation within the Capitol, it is important to have clearly defined boundaries of possession,” Risser said.
Risser Bill Will Prohibit the use of Dogs in Wolf Hunting Wisconsin is one of seven states that allow wolf hunting but the only state that allows dogs to be used in the hunt.
Risser Bill will Allow Testing of Driverless Cars on Wisconsin Roads Currently, no state law explicitly permits the operation of driverless vehicles in Wisconsin. This bill will welcome companies that test driverless vehicles to operate in the state and further advance this technology.
Statement Regarding Court’s Ruling on Act 10 The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals decision to uphold Act 10 is very disappointing. This legislation was an outright attack on the livelihood of hard working teachers and public employees.
Comment on Governor’s State of the State Message The Governor’s assertion that a mining bill will create in excess of 5,000 new short and long-term jobs is pure fantasy.