February 9, 2021

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Legislative Democrats look to revive compromise


MADISON - Democrats in the Wisconsin State Legislature have introduced a 22 bill package consisting of the contents of Senate Substitute Amendment One, which Senate Republicans previously agreed to in their January compromise with the Governor.  For over 300 days, the Republicans have done nothing to provide relief for Wisconsinites, but this package does just that. One of the 22 bills package would extend the suspension of the one week unemployment waiting period.  This waiting period was originally the Republican’s policy, but since they correct this issue, Democrats have included a fix to the problem.


“Wisconsin has lost more than 6,000 of our friends and neighbors in less than a year to this deadly virus.  Our communities and many small businesses are still fighting to stay afloat as they continue to struggle to survive and find a way out of this pandemic.  We need to fight this pandemic, not one another. Democrats are committed to delivering immediate relief for our constituents who need additional tools and resources to continue the fight against COVID-19.  It is way past time for the Republicans to act with urgency, prioritize the needs of their constituents and pass this much needed relief for people across the state.”


“As the people of Wisconsin continue to face serious challenges in navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, they deserve meaningful action from their elected leaders.  Last April, the legislature acted quickly on the initial COVID package, and these standalone proposals are solutions with strong bipartisan support, and Gov. Evers has already committed to signing them into law.”


“There is no reason to delay passing these bills; Republicans should put their partisan games aside, and prioritize the health and safety of the people of Wisconsin over political ego. These items have been and are supported by the Governor, Senate Democrats, Senate Republicans, and Assembly Democrats. The only thing standing in the way of relief for the people of Wisconsin is Rep. Robin Vos and the Assembly Republicans.”