Senator Bewley Statement On Covid-19 Legislation

Delta, WI – Today, the Wisconsin State Senate passed 2019 AB 1038, a very preliminary attempt to address the COVID-19 crisis.  Senate Assistant Minority Leader Janet Bewley released the following statement:


“We always feel a tension between short term and long term goals when drafting legislation, that tension is especially evident today.  The legislature did pass a bill, but in my mind it gets the balance all wrong.  It does the bare minimum and fails to adequately provide the tools that we need to effectively deal with this crisis.  We are left with a skeleton lacking muscle, with little to help the families, farmers, the small businesses, those without internet - all the people of our state who are suffering in this pandemic.


“My Republican colleagues said they’ll consider maybe coming back later this spring or summer to pass more legislation.  The people of Wisconsin do not have the luxury of waiting, they are in the thick of this today.  It is our job to think and act, now, on difficult realities that cannot be dismissed with maybe we’ll come back someday.  It is a shame that we failed to give the Governor the tools he needs to help people get through this emergency.”