Bewley & Meyers Attend Telecommuter Community Ceremony at Norvado in Cable


MADISON – On Wednesday, August 22, 2018, State Senator Janet Bewley and State Representative Beth Meyers attended a historic ceremony recognizing Bayfield County as the first Telecommuter Forward! certified community in the United States at the Norvado headquarters in Cable, Wisconsin.

This ceremony was attended by CEO of Norvado, Chad Young, Bayfield County Economic Development Corporation Executive Director, Scottie Sandstrom, Bayfield County Administrator, Mark Abeles-Allison, Senator Janet Bewley, State Representative Beth Meyers, and many others. The certification was presented by Wisconsin State Broadband Director, Angie Dickinson.

“Locals know that Northern Wisconsin is a wonderful place to live and work.  With this development, Bayfield County will be in a better position to attract both employers and potential employees.  Special thanks to Telecom cooperatives like Norvado and Mosaic, who are working so hard to bring much needed technology to rural communities,” noted Senator Bewley.

“I am proud to represent an area committed to providing 21st century technology to everyone regardless of where they live. This innovative economic development opportunity benefits the economy and promotes the rural communities of Northern Wisconsin,” said Representative Meyers.

Bayfield County has been certified as the state’s first Telecommuter Forward! Community by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin. The Telecommuter Forward! designation recognizes local units of government that meet criteria for promoting telecommuting opportunities in partnership with broadband providers, economic development professionals, and the Wisconsin Broadband Office. Governor Scott Walker signed the Telecommuter Forward! Community certification bill into law as Wisconsin Act 342, which created the first-in-the-nation Telecommuter Forward! Community Certification Program. Both Senator Bewley and Representative Meyers voted in favor of this certification bill during the 2017-2018 legislative floor session.