Tax “Reform” Puts WI Housing & Jobs In Direct Peril A study by the highly respected Novogradac & Company cites the likely loss of 5,320 rental housing units in Wisconsin over the first decade of the federal plan
UW BARRON FALLS VICTIM TO GOP BUDGET CUTS, AGAIN For the second time in just over two years, GOP budget cuts have taken aim at Northern Wisconsin and UW-Barron County, Sen. Janet Bewley (D-Delta) noted today.
School Aid Payments Delayed Amid GOP Budget Fiasco Worse yet, Legislative Republicans budget actions cut rural school funding
Northwestern Wisconsin Shut Out of Broadband Grants Once again, the hard working folks our area were disappointed. None of the one and a half million dollars that was awarded will be spent in Northwestern Wisconsin.
Some Things Are Worth Celebrating When I start to get discouraged, I stop and remind myself that there are positive things happening right here in Northern Wisconsin, things that are worth celebrating.
Words Are Not Enough Time for Assembly to Step Up for Spouses and Children of Law Enforcement Officers Killed in the Line of Duty
Area Residents Shine in Spooner Right from the start, it was clear that the people of the North are passionate, knowledgeable and concerned about how decisions made in Madison will affect not only themselves, but their neighbors and friends as well, including the vulnerable and less fortunate among us.
Drain the Special Interest Swamp in Madison, Not Our Lakes, Rivers and Streams The facts are clear, these high capacity wells are causing nearby lakes and rivers to dry up. How many of our friends and neighbor have to wake up to find nothing coming out of their tap before we do something?
Bewley & Meyers to Host Budget Listening Session in Ashland Legislators invite the public to voice their opinions on Friday April 21
Bewley & Meyers to Host Budget Listening Sessions in Phillips and Park Falls Legislators invite the public to voice their opinions on Thursday April 13th
Opportunities to be Heard on the State Budget My hope is that we can pass a budget that meets our communities’ needs, emphasizes Wisconsin’s priorities and treats everyone fairly. Getting the right balance will be my focus over the coming months.
Ready to Help Wherever Needed Ready to help out wherever needed. Those are good words to live by. Words that are just as important today as they were in 1947 when the Girl Scouts adopted their motto.
A Proud Legacy to Build On In the depths of the great depression, President Roosevelt warned against becoming cold-hearted, cautioned against indifference and reminded Americans that they were called to save something great and precious for the nation and its future. And they answered the call.
A Blank Check Taxpayers have already been forced to pay at least $2 million to outside law firms related to redistricting. This ballot would have authorized an unlimited increase. I got the ballot at 2:00 pm and was told I had two hours to decide whether or not to sign this blank check. I voted no.
More for Madison, Less for Northern Wisconsin The Governor and his Republican colleagues like to talk about rewarding work, local control, and fiscal responsibility. Their actions speak louder than their words. People who work for a living are not getting the tax breaks the legislature keeps passing. And those breaks mean even less coming back home to our communities.
State Of The State Isn’t Found In Madison Speech The good news is that our future is brighter and better than the one laid out by the Governor. The men and women who live in Northern Wisconsin are busy working hard, making our communities better places to live.
Announces Committee Assignments for 2017-18 Session Jobs, Schools and Roads in Northern Wisconsin Will Be 2017-18 Session Priorities