Senator Bewley and Representative Meyers Bill Signed Into law


Madison - Senate Bill 104, authored by Senator Janet Bewley (D - Delta) and Representative Beth Meyers (D - Bayfield), allowing the Town of La Pointe to enact shoreland zoning ordinances was signed into law today by Governor Scott Walker.


The bill is narrowly focused and designed to respond to the unique situation faced by the Town of La Pointe on Madeline Island, which is part of Ashland County.  While the Island is just off of Bayfield County, Ashland County is a 2.2 mile ferry trip and a 23 mile drive away.  The bill allows the town officials to enact shoreland zoning ordinances that are more restrictive than Ashland County’s shoreland zoning ordinances, regardless of the order of enactment. Senate Bill 104 is now Act 146.


“I was extremely pleased to have this bill signed into law. It was a joint effort from Senator Bewley and I, as well as the Town of La Pointe and Ashland County,” said Meyers.  “At a time when the state legislature is steadily eroding local control, we were fortunate to be able to convince our colleagues to give the citizens living on one of the state’s few inhabited islands this small measure of control over what happens in their community,” added Bewley.