Better City Superior Referendum Passes Overwhelmingly

Time to Give the People the Tools They Need to Build a Prosperous Future



Madison - Senator Janet Bewley (D-Delta) and Representative Nick Milroy (D-South Range) welcomed the results of the Better City Superior Exposition District Referendum in Douglas County.

“How often do we see such an overwhelming majority of voters agree on something?  Seventy-five percent of the voters in Douglas County voiced their support for legislation allowing Superior to create a Local Exposition District.  Large cities like Milwaukee shouldn’t be the only ones who have the option of collecting taxes on tourism-related spending to support tourist related development.  The citizens of Superior should be given the tools that will allow them to spur economic growth, attract new businesses and provide job opportunities, the lawmakers stated.

Bewley and Milroy applauded all of the hard work that resulted in the overwhelming yes vote on the Better City Superior Referendum.  “This vote is a great example of democracy in action. The idea for the Exposition District grew out of discussions between business leaders, economic development experts, and citizens.  As the elected representatives to the State Legislature, we look forward to working with this group and local elected officials to move this grassroots effort forward. We share their commitment to making sure Superior has a bright and prosperous future.”

The legislators reaffirmed their willingness to work with Governor Walker and their colleagues in the state legislature to change state statutes to allow Superior, and other similarly situated communities across Wisconsin, to use the Exposition District model in a way that makes sense for them.  “We hope the Governor will include the Exposition District language in his next budget.  If for some reason that doesn’t work out, we will reach across the aisle to the leaders of the legislature on separate legislation to make the Better City Superior vision a reality.  Last week’s vote will help make those conversations easier.”