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    • 12/27/2018
      Time To Turn The Corner Before WEDC took over in 2011, Wisconsin was among the national leaders in annual private sector job creation for five straight quarters. Under WEDC, Wisconsin has trailed the nation in private sector job creation every single quarter since, 28 straight. That’s seven full years.
    • 10/3/2018
      Celebrating the Cooperative Spirit in Wisconsin In Northern Wisconsin, cooperatives have been a vibrant part of our community for over a hundred years, demonstrating what we can do when we work together. That’s something worth celebrating!
    • 9/14/2018
      You Can’t Get There From Here I lived for a short while in Maine and often heard people, only half-jokingly, say “You can’t get there from here.” Unfortunately, for many of us in Northern Wisconsin, it’s getting to the point where it’s less of a joke and more of a truth.