Building a Better Future For Northern Wisconsin Unfortunately, the Walker Administration is pursuing policies that shortchange taxpayers who work for a living in our part of the state.
Better City Superior Referendum Passes Overwhelmingly Time to Give the People the Tools They Need to Build a Prosperous Future
Funding for Private School Choice Programs and K-12 General School Aids A memo from the non-partisan LFB shows that general and categorical aids going to our public schools were less per student in 2015-16 than 2010-11.
It’s Long Past Time To Fix It The issue has been studied, reports have been issued, and recommendations have been put forth. People gathered in 70 of the State’s 72 Counties to send the same message to Madison – it’s time to fix our roads.
Budget Cuts Felt in Our Public Schools Who has benefited by these cuts? Not local property taxpayers. In the last six years, according to a memo recently hailed by one of my Republican colleagues, state aid has fallen by $90 per student. But property taxes have increased by $91 per student.
More For Millionaires, Less For Our Schools The three recent Republican budgets have funneled hundreds of millions more to millionaires and unaccountable voucher schools while cutting general aid to over 75% of the school districts in the state.
Northern WI Delegation Urges Governor To Pursue Federal Aid Offer Their Assistance to Facilitate Rebuilding - "we need all the help we can get.”
More For Millionaires, Fewer Jobs Created Non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau Memo shows that Wisconsin added 3 times as many manufacturing in the three years before the Manufacturing and Agriculture tax credit was enacted than in the three years after.
GOP Shortchanges 854,000 Students to Benefit Voucher Operators Cutting state general aid for public schools and shifting the money to voucher schools demonstrates the need to restore Wisconsin’s public education as a priority.
A Great Place to Visit Those of us lucky enough to share the hospitality of our neighbors and businesses know that it is not just the unmatched natural beauty of the North that draws so many to Northern Wisconsin.
Talking With Fourth Graders The Governor and my Republican colleagues continue to talk the talk of supporting public schools. It will take more than an occasional trip to Northern Wisconsin or a handful of inconsequential bills to prove that they mean what they say.