Support the APRN Modernization Act


Yes - I support the APRN Modernization Act! Please add my name to the list of supporters for submission to the committee when this bill is heard.  

Over one million Wisconsinites live in an area where healthcare professionals are in short supply. Wisconsin’s 8,000 Advanced Practice Nurses are doing their part to close the gap and provide vital care to patients across our state.

Unlike twenty-six other states, Wisconsin doesn’t allow these professionals to practice to the full extent of their training.  It’s time for Wisconsin to step up.

These nurses have earned advanced degrees, completed hundreds of hours of clinical training, and are well-qualified to provide excellent care. We count on them, especially in areas where healthcare access is more limited – like rural Wisconsin.

Qualified professionals must be treated as such. I am a proud APRN advocate and urge passage of the APRN Modernization Act - SB 145/AB 154.