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Wanggaard Bills go to Governor

It has been a whirlwind week here at the Capitol, and I am proud to say that three bills I authored to lower interest rates and protect the public have cleared their final legislative hurdle and are now on their way to the Governor to be signed into law.
The first bill, Assembly Bill 24, allows state-chartered banks to offer promotional loan rates below the contracted index for variable rate loans. Co-authored by Rep. Terry Katsma (R-Oostburg), AB 24 benefits consumers by allowing lower rates on adjustable rate mortgages and other similar loans. The bill also helps state and community banks by levelling the playing field with larger, federally-chartered banks.

Senate Bill 35, which I authored with Representative Romain Quinn (R-Rice Lake), eliminates Wisconsin’s outdated 48-hour waiting period for handgun purchases. When the waiting period became law 40 years ago, a background check consisted of hand-searching 3x5 index cards in one community. Today a background check is done at the click of a button and searches dozens of databases nationwide making the 48-hour waiting period a needless obstacle for legal gun owners in today’s modern age.

Senate Bill 70, allows qualified retired and off-duty law enforcement officers to carry concealed weapons in school zones. I authored this bill with Rep. Joel Kleefisch (R-Oconomowoc), to correct an oversight in Wisconsin’s concealed carry law and provide an additional level of safety in our schools. Off-duty and retired police officers are certified every year and committed to public safety, and this measure removes an unnecessary hurdle for law enforcement officers who could help protect students in a crisis.

All three bills passed on bipartisan voice votes Tuesday, and now await Governor Walker’s approval.

Arena Proposal Unveiled


Last Friday, Milwaukee and state leaders, along with Governor Walker, outlined their proposed funding deal for a new arena in Milwaukee. The plan isn’t as good as the offer by the Hard Rock Casino to fund an arena, but unfortunately that ship has sailed. The plan is a vast improvement over the Governor’s initial $220 million state investment, however.
As described to me (I still haven’t seen the actual bill language), state taxpayers will contribute $55 million of the $250 million public investment. The remaining portion ($195 million) would be paid by taxpayers in Milwaukee County.
The good news is that the $55 million will get the state off the hook for its current and future $120 million liability to the Bradley Center, and any obligations to the new arena. As I have stated previously, one of my criteria to support any arena deal is to get the state out of the arena business. This proposal appears to do that.
I’m going to review this proposal carefully to make sure my four criteria are met, and that this deal doesn’t burden Racine and Kenosha taxpayers for years.

The last thing I want is another bad deal like Miller Park. 

Racine Student Playing Carnegie Hall


Many musicians wait their whole lives to play Carnegie Hall, but one talented Racine student will get that chance at just 13 years of age. Ellie Lutterman, who was featured by WISN 12 news this week, discovered that playing her violin calmed a neurological disorder which causes seizures.

Now, Ellie will have the opportunity to share her unique talent on the famous Carnegie stage when she joins students across the country to play classical pieces in a special concert June 27 with the Honors Junior Orchestra.

Congratulations, Ellie- what an amazing accomplishment!
In the District

I had the pleasure of visiting with Kathleen Jensen's 2nd Grade Class (pictured above) and congratulating them on meeting the challenge of the "Read More Award." Established four years ago, this award stimulates interest in reading by challenging students to meet or exceed the 2000 book minimum, or the class record. The 2014/2015 class did a great job reading 3,041 books this year- exceeding last year's record of 2,489 by 552 books!

Congratulations on your good works and remember to keep reading over the summer!
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