Statement on Proposed Milwaukee Arena Plan

“I continue to believe that the proposed Milwaukee arena should be taken up as a separate piece of legislation and be debated on its own merits. Likewise, I will also consider the budget on its own merits, with or without arena funding.

“When evaluating any proposed arena plan, my first priority is to ensure that Racine and Kenosha county taxpayers are not subject to any new tax, or further continuation of the never-ending Miller Park tax. In addition, the city and county of Milwaukee need to make a sizable contribution to this project. The economic impact of an arena will be largely localized, and the cost-sharing of the public portion of the project should reflect that.

“Further, I want the state out of the arena business – including its current $120 million obligation to the Bradley Center for deferred maintenance and related costs. Taxpayers should not be funding cost overruns, ongoing maintenance, or upkeep and enhancements in an arena.

 “Finally, I will evaluate what is best for the state’s economy and bottom line. Whether that means a new arena in Milwaukee, including keeping the Bucks, or maintaining the Bradley Center and losing the Bucks.”