Statement of Senate Judiciary Chairperson Van Wanggaard on Wisconsin Supreme Court’s John Doe Decision

“Today’s Supreme Court decision shutting down the renegade Government Accountability Board’s theory of campaign finance laws is a complete victory for free speech.  But there is still work to do.

“The literally lawless action by the GAB requires that we replace the GAB and its leadership. The GAB is meant to enforce the existing laws, not to create new ones, and not to advance criminal theories to meet their partisan goals. Any semblance of their alleged impartiality is completed eroded.

“While this John Doe investigation has ended, we must prevent similar abuses in the future for all citizens. The John Doe laws must be reformed to protect civil rights, including the first and fourth amendment, and allow oversight into the John Doe Process.

“Finally, as now three courts have noted, Wisconsin’s campaign finance laws are a jumbled mess. Chapter 11 must be updated to reflect the current jurisprudence on the subject. While today’s decision provides clarity in one area, all participants in our political process should be able to look at the statute and know what the law is. “