Election Integrity Bills



1. Assembly Bill 173 - Ban “Zuckerbucks”

    1. Prohibited private companies from donating money to local municipalities and running their elections.


2. Senate Bill 203 - Outlaw Ballot Harvesting

    1. Outlawed municipalities from collecting and returning absentee ballots in bulk, i.e. Madison’s “Democracy in the Park.”


3. Senate Bill 204 - Stop automatic mailing of ballots/End indefinitely confined loophole

    1. Prohibited clerks from sending out absentee ballots without seeing a person’s ID card.
    2. Created a standard absentee ballot request form.
    3. Right now any city can make up an absentee ballot request form however they like. This bill would have created a standardized form for everyone to use.
    4. The bill would have restricted indefinitely confined to those who are truly confined to their residence.


4. Senate Bill 205 - Protect people in long-term care facilities

    1. This bill would have prohibited employees of nursing homes from influencing a voter.
    2. Requiree next-of-kin or a Special Voting Deputy to be there in-person at the long-term care facilities.


5. Senate Bill 210 - Guarantee Election Observer Access

    1. Required election observers to be allowed access to all stages of the election process. Observers are required to be within 3 feet to ensure everyone is following the law.


6. Senate Bill 212 - Prohibit “Curing” of ballots

    1. Prohibited municipal clerks from fix errors on absentee ballots without confirmation from the voter.


Signed into Law:

  1. Ensure transparency with the Wisconsin Elections Commission
    1. This bill requires WEC to post their meeting minutes online no later than 48 hours after a meeting. They must also provide specific details on decisions and how Commissioners voted.


Passed the Senate:

  1. Allow DA’s to investigate election problems
    1. This would have allowed DA’s in neighboring counties to investigate/prosecute election law violations.


Find More at: legis.wisconsin.gov/senate/republicans/election-bills