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Eighteen Wanggaard Bills Move Closer to Law

It is that time in the legislative session where  every day seems to be busier than the last as months of work on legislation comes to a head. My office is busier than ever, and this week alone, eighteen of my bills moved closer to being signed into law. Here are some of my bills to combat fraud, help stop crime and protect the public that moved forward this week:

Assembly Bill 403: I authored this bill to encourage our courts to address gang-related behavior and to get gang members off the street. The bill increases prison sentences, depending on the severity of the crime, if the crime is found to have been committed to promote or assist a gang. AB 403 passed the Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety on Thursday, January 28. The Senate version, SB 303 passed the Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety on Wednesday, December 16.

Senate Bill 409/Assembly Bill 497: This bill tightens criteria for placing violent sex offenders on supervised release under the state's Chapter 980 program. SB 409/AB 497 were drafted in response to inadequacies that came to light last summer when two violent sex offenders were placed in a house less than 200 feet from a residence where 11-year old twins lived. SB 409 was passed by the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety on Wednesday, January 27 and AB 497 had a public hearing in the Assembly Committee on Corrections on Thursday, January 28.

Senate Bill 457/Assembly Bill 547: These bills increase penalties for the crime of damaging energy utility property intending to cause disruption of service. SB 457 and AB 547 address a growing concern as our electrical grid becomes more interdependent and computerized. These crimes go beyond copper theft, and can lead to cyber crimes and the threat of terrorism. Both bills passed the Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee on Wednesday, January 27. 

Senate Bill 475/Assembly Bill 627: These bipartisan measures require juvenile sex offenders coming from other states to register as a sex offender in Wisconsin before entering our state. SB 475 passed the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety on Wednesday, January 27, and AB 627 passed the Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety on Thursday, January 28.

Senate Bill 485: This bipartisan bill updates consumer protection laws to better protect elderly and disabled individuals in our state. Preying on seniors and disabled individuals is reprehensible, and SB 485 allows courts to impose a more fitting penalty for crimes against these citizens. SB 485 passed the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety on Wednesday, January 27.

Senate Bill 452: This bill increases penalties for offenders who install or use a surveillance device or view a victim for sexual arousal in a place of privacy, such as a locker room or home, if the victim is under 18. I brought this bill forward with Representative Samantha Kerkman following a case in Pleasant Prairie where 20,000 hours of pornographic videos were compiled by an offender and several accomplices. Filming children or viewing children in a place of privacy for sexual arousal is unforgivable and SB 452 increases penalties for these crimes.

I am proud to be able to support these measures and I will continue to work hard to advance these bills and other measures to fight crime and protect the public.

In the District

On Saturday, January 23 I was honored to attend a district meting with all of the commanders and leaders of the District 1 VFW Posts at the Rochester VFW Post. The meeting was attended by representatives from 28 VFW posts that represent over 3,000 veterans in our area.

I appreciated the opportunity to speak with post leaders about what is going on in the legislature and in their areas. Thank you to everyone at VFW District one for  allowing me to attend, and thank you to all our vets for your service! 

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