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Foxconn is an investment for our future
New technology will be game changer for supply chain businesses

I first ran for office shortly after Governor Walker coined the motto ‘Wisconsin is open for business.’ Foxconn is a tremendous opportunity to transform a region of our state with limitless possibilities for job growth and economic expansion. This once in a generation potential has been made possible through ceaseless work reforming Wisconsin into a business friendly environment, including tax reform and right to work legislation.

I have spoken to numerous businesses in my district enthusiastic about the possibility to do business with Foxconn as a supplier. The ‘flying eagle’ project will spread its wings all over Wisconsin’s economy.

Overwhelmingly, my constituents have asked for me to support this legislation. Constituents of my district are eager to see the reforms working and Wisconsin leading our country ‘forward.’

I understand any investment comes with risk. I voted yes and I commend Governor Walker for bringing this opportunity to Wisconsin. The Senate passed the Foxconn legislation 20-13. The bill now heads to the Assembly for final passage. 

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