Stroebel was ‘quick study’ and effective school board member

To Ozaukee Press:

            I recently read a newspaper article regarding school tax rates that included comments by a school member criticizing state Sen. Duey Stroebel.

            I retired as the superintendent of the Cedarburg School District in July 2013. During my tenure of 12 years, there were many challenges regarding school budgets. In fact, the Cedarburg School Board under-levied for five consecutive years.

            These school board challenges provided me with a broader understanding of what school board members face when making critical decisions. Having worked with many school board members, I can say in the main their primary concerns were addressing the needs of students, staff compensation and being accountable to the taxpayer.

            Duey Stroebel was on the school board for a number of years when I was superintendent. He was a quick study and had an excellent understanding of the school budget process, as did other members of the school board.

            There were many times when there were varying perspectives on a myriad of school district issues. I always found Mr. Stroebel to be an active listener to other perspectives. Even when he and I had different perspectives, he was always respectful and courteous. His priority as a school board member was providing the best education possible for students.

            I do appreciate the challenges and frustrations that school board members and school administrators face specific to their fiduciary responsibilities. I would encourage direct, civil, and ongoing communication to understand all perspectives in the best interest of all concerned.

Dr. Daryl Herrick

18 South, State Capitol, P.O. Box 7882, Madison, WI 53707-7882  (608) 266-7513, (800) 662-1227