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DNR Updates & the 2017 Deer Hunt

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) published the 2017 Deer Hunt Media Packet. The packet is a compilation of the key informational materials pertaining to deer hunting season. All of these materials can be accessed through the corresponding DNR webpage. The Media Packet is listed as a separate tab at the bottom of the webpage under “additional resources.”

The most notable changes for the upcoming deer hunt are related to tagging requirements. Validation and tagging is no longer required. Nonetheless, hunters will still have to carry proof of a hunting license and deer tags. The following forms of proof will be accepted:


  • A paper copy
  • An authenticated Wisconsin driver’s license
  • A DNR-issued Go Wild Conservation Card
  • A digital tag image on an electronic device

The requirement to register deer by 5:00 p.m. the day after recovery will remain in place. Hunters must use the unique deer tag number to register their harvest. These numbers can be retrieved through the My GameReg section of the Go Wild account.  

Another new offering from the DNR for 2017 is the “Wild Wisconsin” web series, which will be comprised of several shows and informational podcasts covering topics such as regulatory changes, hunting tips and updates for the weeks ahead. The content from the series will be made available through the DNR website, social media platforms and the DNR YouTube page. The series will be launched by the end of October.

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