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2015-16 Blue Books

2015-16 Blue Books are a useful summary of information about our state.  These books are printed every session and are complimentary for every resident of Wisconsin. 


If you would like one delivered or shipped to you (no charge to you), please reply to this email and include your street and mailing address.


The full content of the book is also available online.  Click Here!





Celebrating Our Unique Independence


This week, we celebrate our nation’s independence. Many of us will attend parades, picnics and fireworks to commemorate the day on which our nation declared freedom and liberty from the oppressive control of an absentee monarchy. We will celebrate our rights and the privileges we enjoy as free people.

We are proud of our independence. We thrive on the spirit of individuality and unconventional self-governance. We promote sovereignty all over the world to share the opportunities and freedom that we hold dear. We are proud to be Americans.

As Wisconsinites, we seem to take this pride in independence two steps further. We embrace our individuality in unique ways compared to other states. I would even argue that residents of the 17th Senate District aspire to be even more independent than many other parts of our own state.

What does independence mean to us? It means that we are free to live the way that we want to live and make decisions and choices for the betterment of ourselves, our families and our communities without unreasonable constraint. Independence means that we don’t automatically comply when we are told what to do without thinking it through for ourselves. This bold independence is evident in the 17th Senate District. One must only consider and contrast the outcomes of our elections, the diversity of lifestyles and our traditions to recognize our unique independence.

Elections in the 17th Senate District are unpredictable. No one can say that the 17th Senate District is red or blue. We are most definitely purple. We tend to elect people as individuals, not as parties. We look at the person and study their goals and experience to determine whether they will serve our needs.

As your State Senator, I seek to embody the independent spirit of every citizen I represent. You have asked me to weigh, measure and study issues before I make decisions. While we may not always agree, our independent natures encourage us to debate and discuss our ideas to find good solutions.

A great example of this is our ongoing debate over transportation funding. I have repeatedly demanded sustainable funding mechanisms to pay for our roads. The condition of our infrastructure, in rural Wisconsin, is unacceptable and kicking the can down the road is irresponsible. The voters in the 17th District want lower taxes and responsible government spending, but they also understand that maintaining our roads is important enough to spend money on it. You have told me that you want me to find a way to make this happen and I am working on it.

Perhaps we think differently because our lifestyles are different from the other parts of our state. Living a rural lifestyle encourages us to appreciate little things. It gives us the time and opportunity to know our neighbors. It forces us to rely on each other and seek ways to make balanced decisions based on all of the information available to us for mutually beneficial outcomes.

While we are independent, we are not loners. A quick review of my calendar this summer will show you all of the traditions, events and community gatherings that make rural Wisconsin special. Whether we’re parading down Main Street, enjoying breakfast on a farm, frying catfish or watching tractors battle on a Friday night, we gather; and this is where independent individuals become a community.

I admire and respect all of the things that make our communities independently unique. As your State Senator, I will continue to try to embody the independence with which I am entrusted.


Badgers vs. Gophers


It's not quite football season, but a legendary collegiate rivalry was previewed in Fennimore earlier this month.  Fennimore Mayor Ryan Boebel reached out to our office for assistance in connecting with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) when a family of badgers moved into the park creating a potentially dangerous situation.  To view the full article, please click here.


Local trapper Marcus Bresee said the reason the badgers moved into the park was because they enjoyed dining on gophers. "Their favorite food is right there in that ball diamond,” Bresee said. “They love ground squirrels and gophers, and that field is loaded with gophers."  Go Badgers!



In The 17th Senate District

Sen. Marklein enjoyed the Juneau County Dairy Breakfast in Elroy and the Cazenovia Dairy Breakfast last weekend!


In The Capitol


Residents from Greenway Manor in Spring Green visited the State Capitol on June 28, 2016.

Kids from the Green County 4-H visited the State Capitol on June 29, 2016.


A group from Southwestern Wisconsin Technical College (SWTC) visited the State Capitol on June 30, 2016.

Useful Information

Wisconsin Monthly Housing Statistics

The Wisconsin Realtors Association (WRA) recently released the following data related to housing in Wisconsin. To view data related to these statistics, please visit the WRA website.


Wisconsin Regional Report

Reflecting residential data through May 2016



Median Price



YTD 2016

YTD 2015

% Change

YTD 2016

YTD 2015

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