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Truth in Food Labeling Bills Pass Senate Committee

Madison, WI – Senator Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green) announced today that all three Truth in Food Labeling bills he authored passed the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Revenue and Financial Institutions. The legislation is now available for scheduling for consideration by the full Senate.
“I am thrilled that my colleagues on the Senate Ag Committee voted in support of our farmers and ag producers in Wisconsin,” Marklein said. “These Truth in Food Labeling bills tell our farmers that we care about their hard work and want to promote their real dairy and real meat products to consumers. The Wisconsin ag economy deserves our strong support.”
Senate Bill (SB) 466, related to Milk Labeling, SB 463, related to Dairy Product labeling and SB 464, related to Meat Labeling all passed the committee. Milk and Dairy Product labeling received bi-partisan support, while Meat Labeling passed with a party-line vote.
SB 466, SB 463 and SB 464 are now available for scheduling to be considered by the full Senate.
“I am optimistic that my colleagues in the Senate will continue to support agriculture by voting for these important bills,” Marklein said. “This legislation has created an enthusiastic conversation in Wisconsin. Through this effort, we are encouraging the Federal government to enforce existing labeling laws and support farmers by promoting real milk, dairy, and meat products. Passing these bills will add more pressure to this effort.”