Marklein Statement on “Safer At Home” Executive Order

Madison, WI – Senator Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green) made the following statement on the “Safer At Home”, Executive Order #12:
“I appreciate the difficult decisions being made by Governor Tony Evers and his team in the Executive Branch of Wisconsin’s government. However, Executive Order #12, also known as the “Safer At Home” order has caused significant confusion and uncertainty for the people, communities and businesses I represent in the 17th Senate District.
Many of my constituents are worried and afraid. They are worried about their small businesses and the people they employ. They are worried about having and keeping a job and a paycheck coming in for their family. They are scared of the potential financial and personal losses they and their teams will suffer. They are confused by the myriad of Executive Orders, rumors and poor communication from the Governor’s office and state agencies.
The 16-page order that finally came out today does not provide much clarity. While we are told that all nonessential activity is prohibited, the exemptions are broad and subjective. Furthermore, enforcement has been delegated to local law enforcement, which in our communities pits neighbor against neighbor.
I believe that the residents of the 17th Senate District are already taking great care to limit their interaction with each other, stop the spread of the virus and only do the things that are necessary to do. The “Safer At Home” order will not change many behaviors in the communities I represent because the people of the 17th Senate District are already diligent and focused on the essentials of daily living.
This order and the way it was teased and delivered to our citizens did nothing more than cause fear, confusion and uncertainty.
I am also very concerned about the timeframe enacted by this order. We are told that this order is in effect until April 24, 2020 – a full month from now. I have not been informed of any data that supports limited activities and interactions for more than a month of time. I have requested the exact modeling data that is being utilized to make these decisions. I believe our people will take precautions, but they must be assured that there is a reason for taking them.”