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Sen. Marklein Statement on Governor-Elect Evers’ Transition Budget
Joint Finance Committee Approves Transition Budget

Madison, WI – Senator Howard Marklein offered the following statement on his vote to approve Governor-Elect Tony Evers’ transition budget:
“I look forward to continuing to work on behalf of the 17th Senate District with my colleagues and with Governor-Elect Evers,” Marklein said. “The transition budget and transition process is essential for continuity of governance for the people we serve. Governor-Elect Evers and his team need time and resources to review and analyze the state budget and to prepare to govern. This transitional period is essential as we work together to continue moving Wisconsin forward.”
The legislature’s Joint Committee on Finance (JFC) is statutorily required to approve a transition budget for the Governor-Elect whenever that person is a non-incumbent Governor. The transition budget is for the Governor-Elect to hire staff to review and analyze the budget and prepare for the transition. 
Governor-Elect Evers requested $94,600 to hire 7 positions and equip an office to perform the duties of transition.  Prior transitional Governors had received $87,500 (2002) and $82,723 (2010). The increase in Evers’ request was less than the rate of inflation.