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Sen. Howard Marklein's Statement on Gov. Walker's State of the State 
Senator applauds initiatives for rural schools, healthcare and entitlement reform.

MADISON – State Senator Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green) offered the following statement on Governor Scott Walker’s State of the State address today.
“I am encouraged by Governor Walker’s continued commitment to the sparsity aid legislation I authored to send an additional $100 per pupil to rural schools that qualify. It was an honor to be recognized for my tenacity to keep this initiative on the forefront of legislation.
I have consistently fought for increases to the sparsity aid program because the rural schools in our communities need our support. The bill I authored may deliver more than $1.5 million more to school districts in the 17th Senate District. I am committed to get this done this spring.
I am also encouraged by the Governor’s proposals to reform healthcare and entitlement programs in Wisconsin. These reforms respond to some of the biggest challenges we face and they are unique approaches to big issues. We are creating opportunities and solving problems rather than constructing obstacles for the people of Wisconsin.
All of the initiatives the Governor described are possible because of the reforms we made over the last eight years. Because we reformed government, we can now responsibly fund programs that will have a positive impact and actually solve problems.  We are not simply going to throw more money into failing programs. We are funding transformational initiatives that are working for the people of Wisconsin.
I think it is great that our economic condition has improved to the point that we can be discussing new ideas. Wisconsin is poised for a positive future.”