Marklein Statement on Attack on the Capitol and Broken Office Windows

Madison, WI – Senator Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green) released the following statement when he arrived at the Capitol today to see broken windows in his office and destruction all around the building.
“Governor Evers stood outside of my broken window this morning and I told him that this is not the way we resolve differences in my district, and it shouldn’t be the way we resolve issues in Madison.  This is not a peaceful protest. This is lawless rioting and senseless destruction. It is disgusting. It needs to end.
I told him that he needs to do everything he can to protect this building. If the Mayor of Madison won’t protect her city, we must call in the National Guard to end this senseless, pointless violence before more people are injured and livelihoods destroyed. Senator Tim Carpenter was brutally attacked last night outside of the State Capitol building and that should never have happened.”
A window in Sen. Marklein’s office was destroyed.  Windows in four other Senate offices were smashed.  The statute of Hans Christian Heg, a noted abolitionist was defaced, beheaded, torn down and thrown in Lake Monona.  The statute of Lady Forward was defaced, torn down and dragged.  Rioters attempted to gain entry to the building by attacking the large wooden doors in the South wing. They also destroyed the outdoor lighting at this entrance. Photos of destruction and repair are attached.


20-0624-property-damage-1.jpg 20-0624-property-damage-2.jpg
20-0624-property-damage-3.jpg 20-0624-property-damage-4.jpg
20-0624-property-damage-5.jpg 20-0624-property-damage-6.jpg