Marklein Statement on $50 Million Farm Support Program from Federal CARES Act Funding for Agriculture

Madison, WI – Senator Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green) released the following statement regarding Governor Tony Evers’ “All In For Agriculture” announcement to provide $50 million to Wisconsin Farmers and $15 million for food security:
“About a month ago, I led a coalition of 39 legislators in asking the Governor to support a proposal for $50 million in direct cash relief from the $1.9 billion in his discretionary funding from the Federal CARES Act. This proposal was supported by ag organizations representing nearly every facet of agriculture in our state.   
Today, the Governor announced the Wisconsin Farm Support Program, an allocation of $50 million to provide direct payment to farmers, as well as $15 million for a Food Security Initiative.
While I do not have all of the details for how he will be distributing these funds to farmers, I sincerely appreciate his effort to help the farmers in our communities. Our ag industry deserves this level of support and I trust that his administration will distribute the funds in a meaningful way as soon as possible.
Thank you, Governor Evers, DATCP Interim Secretary Randy Romanski and DOR Secretary Peter Barca for working together to provide relief for farmers. I look forward to talking with the farmers who will benefit from this program.”
According to a press release issued by Governor Evers:
“Eligible farmers will be asked to apply for the aid through the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR), which is working in collaboration with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP). Farm support payments could begin arriving as early as June.”